Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bra bra black sheep

Holiday is pretty much distant memory now. Work phone is ringing all the time-so escaped to gym to have some time to myself and do some "damage limitation". Took really good book to read while on cross trainer - love to read, so workout almost enjoyable.

Changed into industrial strength, gravity resistant, workout under garments- Bra is guaranteed to force 10 on Richter scale. Donned leggings, shorts,t.shirt etc. Placed pretty, lacy little bra into gym bag. Dumped clothes, keys etc on top and left bag in locker room.

Workout completed. Descended into stygian darkness of car park, got keys and handbag out of gym bag and headed to shops for ingredients. Eyes not adjusted to gloom so didn't notice that lacy bra had attached itself to hand bag zip.

Proceeded to saunter round shops trailing incriminatingly sexy undergarment off back of hand bag. Was paying for kaffir lime leaves before I noticed!. Had to stuff bra into smallish hand bag. Sooo embarrassed. Like walking through crowded restaurant with dress tucked into knickers. Gaaagh! Cannot tell my family as am already figure of fun.

Oh - Kaffir Lime leaf was part of excellent fragrant chicken curry. Froze the rest of the leaves along with surplus lemongrass stalks- both freeze well. Recipe is for Taste magazine, and is delish. But will not be able to make again once frozen kaffir lime leaves run out as cannot show my face in shops again - will have to move!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The tide is out

Am having lovely holiday with kids and one true love. Went camping, soooo relaxing.
Daughter spent whole time staking out power points to re charge phone, but aside from that was quintesential kiwi camping experience. Had New Years eve bonfire on beach, fireworks, berry picking, long walks, large ice creams and lots of lying about reading.

Home now and life is still bit like being at beach as tide goes in and out each day. Tide in this case though, is number of children present. Low tide is when its just our own. "Tide is out" means no kids here at all, "high tide" means we have lots of extras, mostly in form of 14 yr old boys.

Was nearly washed away by sudden high tide last week as boys with skateboards flooded in from every direction. Tide has since receeded taking my boy with it and leaving behind only wet towels, dirty plates, empty fridge and a broken jandal.

But enough coastal analogy - have a day to myself, a car and a credit card and am thinking about trying on shoes.
Am able to do this as feet are only part of me that has not "retained water" over summer. Have french painted toe nails too, so simply must try on shoes, or nail polishing will have been waste of time!

Is good to do something enjoyable before year hits full speed. If money was no object would obviously go to Paris for day and um, try on shoes. But am not Russian Billionaires squeeze so will settle for number one shoe warehouse, followed by coffee and cake. Will worry about "water retention" problem next week, still have some clothes I can fit.

If you were me today, with car, credit card (within reason) and no kids, how would you spend day?