Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thinking about going veggie

I saw a t shirt in wellington recently that really made me laugh – it had a butchers diagram of a whale, with all the portions neatly labelled and carried the heading ”whales are delicious and nutritious”. It was a joke – but I really shouldn’t have to explain that.
Every now and then I consider swearing off meat for good and becoming a vegetarian. It is un questionably a healthy way to eat and I am quite content to eat meatless meals provided they are tasty. I will not eat tofu, ever, but then nor will I eat window putty or tile grout or blu Tak. I stopped eating foods based on their pure nastiness around the time that the boys in primmer 4 decided the turquoise crayon was the most vile therefore the only one worth eating, having worked my way through a whole carton of crayola, I was undone as Mathew Caules proceeded to eat the entire skin of an orange without puking and no one but no one could beat that.

The trouble with so much vegetarian food is the puritanical greenie- ness of it. Why does the spicy vegetable pie have to be imprisoned in cement crust made from fair trade organic gravel? Why can’t it come wrapped in melt in the mouth flaky puff pastry? And why does the person serving it always have dread locks, harem pants and complicated vegan sandals on? It’s not helping people like me take it seriously.

Tonight I’m making spinach and ricotta calzones for dinner, with nutmeg, garlic and a crunchy crust, they’ll be delicious, but I can already feel there is hot a bacon butty waiting in the wings…


  1. Yay to Gail for sending us to your blog!!! you are one of my faves Sophie! I have had your recipe books out from the library almost continuously ( I am planning on buying my own at some stage :)

    your dinner tonight sounds divine. it's busy touch rugby night for us so I'm making chicken fried rice

  2. I have to say that your dinner tonight is putting me to shame! It's a nacho night tonight - simple and no thought required! (and beefed out with grated veges, the kids none-the-wiser!)

  3. Welcome to Blog land Sophie. I am a Big fan of your cookbooks. I have all but the last one and cook from them at least 2x a week. I esp love 'Enjoy' as you have put the gluten free ideas in there.
    The calzone sounds delicious. MMMM

  4. Welcome to blog world sophie. I have all your cook books and just love you to bits! I met you down here in christchurch at a demo and you had me help you make a strombolli I think. I found your first book when my husband was a student and I had already been making a lot of things from scratch. I think I found your vege soup recipe in a magazine and then went and got your cook book. My Copy is now covered in Danas cake recipe thanks to master 11 and looking very very sad. So I was really happy to see a revised version available in bookstore the other day just in time for my birthday or christmas.
    I went to the movies last night and saw "Julie and Julia" and It made me think of you and your cook books. You took over where Alison Holst left off for me, I was thinking I should try to cook through one of your books and blog about it. Mmmmmmm. Food for thought!