Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fat girl Fit

Is no secret that I am greedy girl. Am also vain girl and always worried about fat backside.
Spent years dieting, and was expert dieter by adulthood, having majored in disordered eating during teens. Learnt calories were the enemy from my mum who was always either on diet or falling off one, she loved food and was terrific cook, but always dieting.

I did Atkins diet, Israeli Army diet, cheese and raisin diet, soup diet, bread diet, raw food diet, Weight watchers, F plan, liquid diet meal substitutes and more. Just got plumper every year. Dieting doesn't work, research shows dieting alone makes you fatter in long term. We just cant live on diet forever so when we stop we gain back not only what we lost, but more besides. So depressing - 10 lb baby hadn't helped any either.
Gradually started to exercise - doing long vigorous walks several times a week but took sooo long, picked up the pace and began to run a bit - on the down hills and stuff. Gradually built up to running several hilly kms a time and felt good about being able to "run for my life if I had to".

About 6 years ago was so fed up battling bulge I decided to join gym and determined if I was going to do it (as was v.expensive) would really have to use it. Wanted to get off diet merry go round for ever. I did 12 week intensive program at Gym to kick off, went 6 days a week, pushed myself hard and lost 7 kgs. I have kept off 5 of them and am fit (but not slim). Discovered that having some muscles makes you look trimmer, and exercising when fit is invigorating- is agonising when unfit. I never imagined I could be fit "gym type person" ! No one more surprised than me.

Found I got sick less, had more stamina for physical demands of job and developed healthier eating habits. Now am huge exercise advocate and wish I'd done this way sooner

I avoid useless calories -eg: don't drink juice, soft drinks unless sugar free or much alcohol. Never ever eat candy bars or boring biscuits, or bought pizzas, very rarely eat takeaways, sugary cereal etc. But relish lovely piece of cake or yummy dinner.

I look for active opportunities, activity of any kind . Many of my recipes are really healthy (I wrote for Healthy Food guide for several years). Bake as is fun and is food to be shared. Because it's not forbidden I don't need to "pig out".
I use lite olivani for baking unless special treat, and use very little oil in cooking - saving calories for where they really count - ie CAKE!

Want to change your shape? want to keep up with the kids? just want to feel better?

Get pair of trainers (I started with Warehouse ones), some cheap leggings (2 for $25 in Glassons- go halves with a friend) and some running shorts for over top (to disguise wobbly thighs and cover dimply skin) and a good bra!!! (Kmart is pretty cheap) - girls only obviously

When kids are at sports practice walk/jog round the park
Walk everywhere you can and break into jog, every now and then
See if each time you can jog one letterbox further than last time
Keep walking shoes in car - if you have time to kill - slip em on and do lap or two of car park
Put fast music on Ipod - if you play slow music you'll move slower
Meet friends for a walk and finish at cafe for coffee instead of meeting in cafe - talk as you walk
When weather is too bad try a group class at YMCA or community centre or gym
If you have injuries try Aqua walking at local pool
make it do-able. No way am I going running at 5am on winter morning! be realistic and succeed
Healthy choices aren't expensive - health care is...

Love to know what you think re fit v fat etc


  1. I LOVE food and so to combat this I exercise. I'm about 2ish kig overweight (must be all that chocolate :))but since it is winter I do not worry about it too much. In October last year I started to train with my training buddy for the woman's Tri www.tri.co.nz. We trained and trained and trained and managed to complete this realistic challenge. Since achieving this I do feel better, can have a bar of chocolate without the gain and as a bonus have lost weight! the only downside to all this exercise is that I need to eat regulary healthy, a bit of a challenge! PS Having a very energetic dog helps with all of this who whines at 6am to go for a walk! (which she usually gets)

  2. I love this post and what you have to say. Some people struggle more than others with the whole weight issue but when it all boils down the majority of us love food.

    I've realised my love of food is never going to change, but the thing that can change is exactly written in your post. Making good use of calories and maintaining exercise as a necessary part of my life. Not just pulling a blind eye to the effects of food in my life and pretending it's not an issue. But creating a healthy attitude about food and exercise.

    Well written!

  3. I really like this too. A really realistic approach to it all. I'm so over dieting - its definitely a life-style thing for me. Thankfully I've built up a love of running too.

  4. I agree-- Good for you ---K I S S (Keep it Simple and Succeed)