Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greedy girl abroad

Haven't blogged for a few weeks as was flat out gearing up for long awaited week away. Very long awaited. Rich wanted to go to Grand Prix in Melbourne for 40th b'day but was around time dg was born, and were so poor trip to library rated as big splash out.
Back then, while not exactly huddled round candle flame for warmth, we'd have laughed like drains at the suggestion of overseas trip, as could barely scrape up $20 for Kindy trip!

10 years, 8 books and Rich now working for "the man", we finally fulfilled our Melbourne Grand Prix dream. When we told sister and brother in law our plans, response was along lines of goody, when do we leave? - Fab, they knew Melbourne well - also meant Rich had bloke to take to race day leaving Fran and I to mercies of Melbourne shops. Bliss.

Is very foody city, entire first day was spent lurching from Macarons to Cup cakes, Boreks to brioche...had slowed down a little by the end of the week, as belt very tight and feet agony. Utter highlight was tapas at MoVida - recommended by several FB fans - Also amazing brioche filled with custard and bitter choc from patisserie at Victoria market. Am now constantly craving spicy lamb borek and will need to learn to make some, and melt in the mouth Gnocchi with a slow cooked lamb ragout. Pretty much all peasant influenced cuisine.

Breakfasts were also highlight -Fran made bircher muesli soaked in orange juice each night and topped it off with passion fruit yoghurt to serve - tastes of paradise, tropical islands and drinks with little umbrellas in like might be served on The Love Boat.

Most amazing thing was didn't cook a meal for 7 whole days - first time in over 20 years! do like cooking, but really liked not cooking for a change.

Frans Breakfast Paradiso

per person: a small serve of good quality un toasted muesli with tropical dried fruits

orange juice - enough to soak muesli

Greek yogurt with passion fruit pulp either ready made or mix your own

A fresh peach, nectarine or some melon - optional

The night before mix the orange juice into the muesli and leave in the fridge overnight to soften.

To serve, stir through a big dollop of passion fruit yoghurt, add some chopped fresh fruit such as a peach, nectarine or some melon if in season.

Eat while lolling about reading paper and follow with excellent coffee and if poss shopping for shoes, handbags or trying on expensive perfume.


  1. Was excited to find blog but find writing style bit too truncated. Possible add back in articles and subjects into sentences to make easier to read?
    Granted, am anal teacher of English as second language, but having to mentally add in article before each noun, sometimes subject or verb into sentence too, very tiring for brain. Is blog or text message?

    Sorry, I am trying to make this sound a bit tongue in cheek, but it seems to be coming out a bit bitchier than I had hoped. Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope to read more soon.