Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A crying shame

Have just stopped crying to write blog - had hair cut today. Spent long time on net finding picture of hairstyle I liked, messy, chunky bob type thing. Very excited when got to hairdresser as stylist seemed completely confident with cutting etc until came to actual styling.

Much hair lying on floor, small amount still attached to scalp. Straitening followed, then tousling, then straitening then more re arranging, spraying and petrifying till finally took pity on stylist. Said was fine and handed over credit card for large chunk to be added to monthly statement. Left salon looking like electrocution victim, was sobbing before half way home.
Very glad took car not bus.

Washed hair immediately, hopeful that I could get it to behave, dried it, yelled at self in mirror, cried and flailed fists uselessly on bed, straitened, blow dried, cried some more, sobbed on son, sent tragic text to daughter. Put in clip.
Removed clip as looked like Russian special needs gymnast - not helping tragic hair at all.

I know on scale of catastrophic events is not tsunami or famine or fire but still very upset.
Like hairdresser very much, usually gets it pretty near what I want, so am not about to throw fit, but needed some moral support to get me through -also some crisps, and some wine, maybe won't look so bad after crisps and wine...has this ever happened to you, what did you do???


  1. Poor you! Eat some chocolate!!!

    My mum is a hairdresser (well, used to be) and she has done some shockers on my hair!! After these ones I wore a hat for a while ;)

    All I can say is that I am grateful hair grows!!!

  2. Hats are good! Oh boy, poor you!

    It happened once to me - cut too short - I yelled at the hairdresser - my sister who was newly trained, and perhaps traumatized from the experience.... she'd done a good job, just not what I'd expected. I feel bad for the yelling now.

  3. My worst haircut - back when I wasn't organised or confident enough to get to the hairdresser regularly - I asked for a bob and they gave me a very short mullet. Took me ages to recover and I think I grew it long enough to get in a ponytail again, and wore it up for the next 3 years or so before I regained the nerve to get back to a DIFFERENT hair dresser.

  4. Poor you! I've had some shockers in my time too. They usually mean that I don't go near a hairdresser until my hair has grown very long again and I have learnt to trust hairdressers again!!
    They say that there is only two weeks between a bad haircut and a good haircut so at least you are almost half way there.
    PS would like to see a photo of 'Russian special needs gymnast' LOL