Monday, November 9, 2009

music as medicine

Felt very glum on Sunday, had to do hours of prep for photo shoot second weekend in a row, and just wanted to crawl back to bed with family sized box of favourites and wallow.

Stiff upper lip girl that I am, I dragged myself around, working, but keeping up constant stream of moaning and complaining until 16 yr old daughter suggested putting on some music to cheer me up. I barked at her to choose something, cheerful as couldn't bear any melancholy or gloom as was generating enough of my own.

Seconds later house filled with Christmas music. Teenager had decided happiest thing was Christmas- nearly made me cry as was V. happy that she thought of this. Lovely Christmas songs and thoughtful daughter made me think Life not so bad really, as lots to look forward to, also teenagers not so bad either.

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  1. How beautiful it is when our children get to an age when their actions surprise us with how meaningful and thoughtful they are. Christmas is obviously a tremendously joyful time in your family and she is giving back to you a glimpse of what you have invested into this time of year for her. What a sweetie.